Everything Sucks - Descendents

Everything Sucks - Descendents

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Recorded June/July 1996 at The Blasting Room, Fort Collins, Colorado. Includes black and white doublesided printed insert with lyrics, credits, drawings, photos and release notes. B7 is an uncredited hidden track, known from the [r=1384853] 7"

Release Date: 2017


A1 Everything Sux
A2 I'm The One
A3 Coffee Mug
A4 Rotting Out
A5 Sick-O-Me
A6 Caught
A7 When I Get Old
A8 Doghouse
A9 She Loves Me
B1 Hateful Notebook
B2 We
B3 Eunuch Boy
B4 This Place
B5 I Won't Let Me
B6 Thank You
B7 Grand Theme