By Liz Cochran

Our Favorite Albums: Part 1: "I Am The Movie" by Motion City Soundtrack

Do not sleep on this album. 2003 was a fantastic year for music, and Motion City Soundtrack’s debut release is part of that legacy. I Am The Movie is still heavily in regular rotation at our shop. 

The band's first version of this release was hand packaged on a CD-R inside a floppy disk case.  After almost twenty years of pining for an original pressing on vinyl, hoping and wishing an affordable copy would magically appear on Discogs, Epitaph reissued this on Tangerine With Black Splatter vinyl on May 19, 2023.

Here’s the tracklisting for I Am The Movie by Motion City Soundtrack, available here on our website and at our store in Fort Myers.

A1 Cambridge

A2 Shiver

A3 The Future Freaks Me Out

A4 Indoor Living

A5 My Favorite Accident

A6 Perfect Teeth

A7 1000 Paper Cranes

B8 Boombox Generation

B9 Don't Call It A Comeback

B10 Modern Chemistry

B11 Capital H

B12 Red Dress

B13 Mary Without Sound

B14 Autographs & Apologies

B15 A-Ok