What We Buy

We purchase pre-owned vinyl records, and cassette tapes. We welcome you to visit our store with your collection. Most of the time, there's someone available to assess your collection. Feel free to call ahead and speak with a member of our team! For sizable collections we're open to making house calls. Our number is 239-689-5883. We highly recommend calling ahead to check if we are buying currently before bringing your records in. Tuesday and Sunday purchases are by appointment only.

What we're looking for:
We're on the lookout for gently used and clean records, and cassettes. We are very interested if the jackets are in good condition, free from water damage, mold, smoke, etc. Similarly, we're interested in gently used and clean cassette tapes, as long as they are in their original packaging or cases. Loose records, CDs, and cassettes, unfortunately, are not on our buying list. We do accept 7"/45s in generic white sleeves at the owner's discretion based on the specific artist and genre. 

We're interested in a wide range of genres spanning rock, jazz, soul, R&B, pop, country, blues, indie-rock, punk, metal, hardcore, and more.

What we're not looking for:
Unfortunatley, age and sentimental value do not affect market demand. As a small business we may decline your collection as we do not have an audience for artists such as Pat Boone, Connie Francis, Mantovani, 101 Strings, Dick Clark, Lawrence Welk, Liberace, Glen Miller, Classical/Opera, Box Sets, Classical Box Sets, 78s, 8 and 16 track cassette tapes. 

We aim to be transparent, not to insult your personal collection or taste. We want to respect your time as much as ours.